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Lost Ark Argos Carry Boost

Lost Ark Argos Carry Boost

Lost Ark Argos Carry Boost
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    Argos is the first Abyss Raid that you will encounter in your progression towards newer content, and one of the more annoying and harder bosses in Tier 3. His mechanics include a lot of random and poorly choreographed patterns and attacks, each of them dealing devastating damage to an average geared player. Those attacks include a very quick attack with his back legs, random puddles spawning everywhere, poison, explosive traps, and more. While you have four extra lives during the encounter, you can run out of those very quickly if you are not careful and take too many attacks. And there is also a DPS check that you are required to meet, meaning that floored teammates will only make your life harder by not contributing to the fight.

    If this sounds like a normal weekly routine for you, and there are no overgeared friends to get you through this as quickly as possible, check out our Argos carry boosting service! Our BestBoost.Club team is prepared to complete Argos for you on any character! Our service includes all three phases of the boss, meaning that you are only required to get the minimum item level of 1370 to enter the raid. Everything else will be carried out by our experienced and prepared boosting team. All you have to do is just enter the game and watch as the players will defeat the big dumb goat in one sitting. And at the end, you'll be able to get all the rewards to hone to even higher ranks.

 Boost ETC: up to 30 minutes.

 Lost Ark Argos boost service includes:

• Completion of the encounter against Argos on all three phases;

• You will obtain rewards, such as:

    ○ 2700 gold for completing all three phases of the fight! Phase 1: 800 gold, Phase 2: 900 gold, Phase 3: 1000 gold

    ○ Legendary Necklaces, Rings and Earrings, with one guaranteed Class specific engraving and one random engraving

    ○ Argos's Blood that is used to craft two different gear sets: Preordained Diligence that will increase your crit rate, or Harsh Oath that will increase your crit damage

    ○ Engraving books of epic or legendary rarity

    ○ Legendary ability stones with engraving traits

    ○ Card packs of epic or legendary rarity

• You can also purchase an optional cache with additional rewards at the end of the dungeon.

 Requirements for purchasing Lost Ark Argos carry: 

• Your character must have level 50;

• Your character must have item level 1370 or higher to enter the raid;

• Argos boost can be completed only once per week per character;

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