Card System and Endgame sets

    Lost Ark has many different progression systems that are associated with their character power, and are required to make your future encounters against Legion Generals much easier to complete. In this blog post, we will discuss the Card Catalog, how it works and what you should aim to collect to make your life easier in the world of Arkesia.

    Card Catalog system is one of the end goals that high tier PvE players have to be striving towards in Lost Ark. It is a system with sets of cards that you can equip, of up to 6 total, that will give you additional passive bonuses for your character, such as resistances to damage, changing your damage type or providing some convenience such as movement speed.

    During your time in the game you will surely stumble upon card packs of different rarity, going from common to uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. Those packs contain cards of matching rarity that you can use in your card preset.

    In equip tab you will be able to see all card sets that you can equip. By equipping required amount of cards from the set you will activate the bonus from its set. You can check how many cards you need to equip and what bonuses you get in the tooltip. Several different sets of cards can be equipped at once.

    There are several bonuses you will get from card sets:

 1. First is the passive bonus. To activate it you just need to have a certain amount of cards from the set equipped on your card slots for your character. Most of the time those are usually defensive bonuses that will help you survive a powerful attack or attacks from different damage types.

 2. Then there is Awakening bonuses. Each card has five empty diamonds on them that can be awakened. By reaching awakening milestones described in the tooltip of the set and equipping those awakened cards you will get a additional bonus from the set. More often than not it is an offensive bonus to your character, changing the type of damage your character makes, increasing your running speed, increasing stats of your party members, etc. To awaken a card, you first need to enchant it with card experience points collected through experience cards obtained though daily activities. need to enchance it using the exact same copy of the card. With each diamond you will be required to use more of the same card to enchance it. Meaning, first diamond will require 1 copy of the card, second diamond will require 2, and so on. To fully awaken a card you will need total 15 copies of it, if we include the base it will be 16 cards.

 3. Each card also is a part of a Book card set. By collecting a set your will get a Book Bonus that will give passive stats to your roster characters. You do not have to equip card sets to activate those bonuses, but you do need to awaken the cards to get all the bonuses out of the collection.

    There are many different card sets in the game, all of them are useful in one they or another as they give you stats for just having them in your book. Collecting all sets and awakening them to their full potential is a very long term goal that players shouldn't try to rush. Even most pay to win players in Korea don't have most of their sets fully awakened.

    Below are showcased most useful card sets that you'll find useful to obtain for future raids and scenarions.

    Best Damage Dealer card sets

 • Lostwind Cliff Set

    This is probably the first and the fastest set that all new players will start going for. You obtain main crit rate effect with just 12 awakening which can be obtained relatively easy. Seria card is a possible ware that can be bought from traveling mechant Burt in West Luterra. And Solas card can be obtained after completing the story questline in Borea's Domain that happens after defeating Kakul-Saydon.

 • Light of Salvation Set

    This is the main endgame set that you should strive for as most of the fights are gonna be against the Demon Generals, who are weak to light damage. Light of Salvation card set will reduce damage from Dark Magic, as well as change your damage type to holy and increase it by total of 15%. Most of the cards can msotly be farmed only by opening legendary card packs, but Wei's card can be rarely picked up from traveling merchant Mac in Anikka.

 • We'll Meet Again Set

    This is a great defensive set that is also relatively easy to get, and it's especially good for Mayhem Bersekers. Madnick and Sian cards are a possible ware that can be purchased from traveling merchant Jeffrey on Shushire continent, and Vrad's card can be farmed by completing his dungeon, Vrad's Hideout.

 Best Support card sets

    Supports defensive skills scale from their max hp, meaning that their life will be much easier in the beginning. There are two of the sets that you can aim for without awakening them which will increase your effectiveness by a significant amount.

 • Field Boss Set

 • Farewell, Weapon Set

    As for the endgame set, you'll want to aim for 30 awakening Lostwind Cliffs set as it will increase party's holy damage done to foes by +3.5%. Side note, your party members damage is required to be holy, aka Light of Salvation set.

 • Lostwind Cliffs Set

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