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Lost Ark Guardian Raids

Lost Ark Guardian Raids

Lost Ark Guardian Raids
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    Guardian Raids is a daily farming activity in which you have to fight giant mythical creatures solo or in a party of four members in a battle to the death. Each guardian is distinctly unique and possesses a number of deadly abilities and attacks that can wipe your group in an instant. You have to learn the fight and memorize the patterns of the bosses in order to defeat them. When you defeat the guardian, the raid is completed and you will obtain your daily rewards. Guardian Raids are capper by two runs per character and you cannot obtain any additional loot or reward by completing them again on the same character. If you are having trouble completing powerful Guardian encounters, such as Velganos, Tytalos or Achates, our BestBoost.Club boosting team is ready to complete them for you!

 Boost ETC: Up to 5 minutes per dungeon run completion.

 Lost Ark Guardian Raids boost service includes:

• We will complete Guardian Raids runs of the requested available tier on a selected character, including Velganos, Tytalos, Achates and other difficult Guardian encounters;

• These raids can be completed twice per day per character to obtain reward for it's completion;

• You will obtain rewards, such as:

    ○ Gear and equipment for your character

    ○ Materials used in upgrading of your gear

    ○ Engraving books to get additional Engraving points

    ○ Ability stones with engraving traits

    ○ Ability enchancing Galewind Rune

 Requirements for purchasing Lost Ark Guardian Raids: 

• Your character must have level 50;

• Your character must have item level 302 or higher, depending on the selected Guardian. Hover over guardian name to see the requirement;

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