Engravings: Your Main Powerspike

    Engravings is the essential part of your character's power progression. They provide extremely useful bonuses for your character, make you tougher, modify abilities for faster use, or just give a unique effect. In this blogpost we will explain how they work and how you obtain them.

    Engravings are special modifiers for your characters. There are many different effects that work for any character, as well as two class engravings per each class.

    Each engraving can be activated by obtaining five points per level for individual engraving. There are three different methods of obtaining said points.

1. Engraving Books

During your time in Arkesia, sooner or later, you will stumble upon the Engraving Books. By using 20 of those books for a specific Engraving you will upgrade it's token. You can insert that token into the Engraving slots on your characters equipment to obtain points for it.

Engraving tokens give 3 points for Engraving per level. To obtain those levels you are need books of four different types of rarity, for each level respectively.

To get the first level token, you'll need 20 Uncommon (Green) books. First level token will give you 3 points.

For the second level token, you'll need 20 Rare (Blue) books. Second level token will give you 3 more points, making it 6 points.

To gain the third level token, you'll need 20 Epic (Purple) books. Third level token will give you another 3 points, placing the token at 9 points.

And lastly, to get the fourth and the last level token, you'll need 20 Legendary (Yellow) books. At last level your engraving token will give you 12 points total.

You can use one legendary token (+12 points), or two rare tokens (+6 points x2) to immediately obtain level 2 Engraving effect of your choosing, with no penalty.

Those tokens are guaranteed Engraving points that you just obtain once, put on your character and never have to think of again. All obtained Engraving tokens are not consumed on equip and are shared between all characters on your roster, so if you have several characters that use the same engraving it will eliviate some of the farming.

Engraving books are obtained from almost every end-game activity:

• Chaos Dungeons;

• Guardian Raids;

•A byss Dungeons;

• Abyss Raids;

• Chaos Gates;

• World Boss;

• Ghost Ship;

• Shadespire & Fatespire Towers on first clear;

• Islands on first completion or on weekly basis. Here is the map of the Island that yield engravings;

• purchased from the market for gold;

2. Accessories: Jewelry, Rings and Earrings

All accessories starting from item level 302 will begin to come with random stats and Engraving points. There can be up to two Engravings on an item, but there will also be now one penalty Engraving on it.

Penalty engraving is also randomized from this pool:

1. Attack Power Decrease: Decreases Attack Power by -2%, -4% or -6%.

2. Attack Speed Decrease: Decreases Attack Speed by -2%, -4% or -6%.

3. Defense Decrease: Reduces Defense by -5%, -10% or -15%.

4. Speed Decrease: Reduces Movement Speed by -2%, -4% or -6%.

Each accessory gives up to 8 positive points, split between two Engraving effects, and up to 3 Penalty points on one negative engraving.

It is prefered that you find accessories that have stats that your character scales the best with, Engravings that are necessary for your class to excel at what they do best, while making sure you'll activate no Penalty Engravings.

Accessories can be found by doing almost any of the end game activity in Lost Ark, such as:

• Chaos Dungeons;

• Guardian Raids;

• Abyss Dungeons;

• Abyss Raids;

• World Bosses;

• Ghost Ships;

• purchased from the Auction House for gold;

3. Ability stones

This is the most RNG part of obtaining your best Engravings. Ability stone is a gambling mechanism that requires you to find a special stone with two positive Engravings your character needs, and then cutting that stone to obtain them.

Sounds easy, but there is a catch: each cut has a chance to fail, giving you less points for your required Engraving.

What's even more annoying that there is a Penalty engraving in there as well, and you are REQUIRED to fail it in order to not gain a level for it.

In short, win random chance on your positive engravings, and fail it on your penalty engraving. You might love the thrill of cutting the stone, feel eccentric when you get a perfect stone, and cry when you crack it.

Ability stones are obtained from:

• Guardian Dungeons;

• Guardian Raids;

• Abyss Dungeons;

• Abyss Raids;

• World Bosses;

• Ghost Ships;

• purchased from the Auction House for gold;

Now, to the engravings choice.

First off, you'll need to choose one of the two class engravings available for you. In general they depict your playstyle and what abilities you will use during your encounters. Depending on your class you might have a completely different playstyle.

A good example would be the Scrapper.

Scrapper has two types of abilities in their arsenal:

1. Stamina (Yellow) skills that consume yellow bar. Those attacks that don't deal much damage, but they are very quick and get you right into the action. Upon use you will gain green bar.

2. Shock (Green) skills that consume green bar. Those attacks are extremely powerful and pack quite a punch, but are very slow to use and require you to constantly fill up green bar by using yellow skills. Upon use you will gain yellow bar.

And their two engravings are complete opposites in their playstyle. You can take:

1. "Ultimate Skill: Taijutsu" class engraving, which will increase damage of Yellow skills and recovery of Yellow bar considerably, but decrease damage of all Green attacks by 30%.

2. "Shock Training" class engraving, which will increase damage of all your Green skills and enable automatic recovery of Green bar, which you could only fill before by using Yellow skills.

Those two playstyles are completely different as they require you to choose between fast and quick hitting or slow and hard hitting Scrapper.

After you choose an Engraving, it is prefered that you gain at least 5 points into it. Be mindful, some Class Engravings are not powerful enough without level 3, while others are already powerful enough at level 1.

Later down the line, you'll want to get as many engravings that match your class effectiveness as possible up to 15 points, while having no penalty engraving enabled at all.

Depending on your class and chosen playstyle, you will need different engravings that synergize with your playstyle. If you want to know which engravings are more suited for your class, please check out these build guides.

We hope this blog post was informative for you!

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