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Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons

Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons

Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons
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    Chaos Dungeon is a daily farming activity in which you have to fight against hordes of enemies in order to get rewards and resources necessary for upgrading of your gear. You are on a short time limit and you have to clear the dungeon as efficiently as possible. When you reach the 100% progress bar, the dungeon is completed and you will obtain your daily rewards. Chaos Dungeons are soft-capper by two runs per character, but you still can keep completing them for special Chaos Fragments currency that you can trade for additional materials for gear upgrade and one-time purchase of Engravings packs.

 Boost ETC: Up to 5 minutes per dungeon run completion.

 Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons boost service includes:

• We will complete Chaos Dungeons runs of the requested available tier on a selected character;

• You will obtain rewards, such as:

    ○ Gear and equipment for your character

    ○ Materials used in upgrading of your gear, such as: Shards, Guardian and Destruction Stones, Leap Stones

    ○ Ability Stones with important Engraving Skills

    ○ Engraving books to get additional Engraving points

    ○ Cards for enchancing set bonuses

    ○ Cube Ticket - a ticket necessary to enter another game mode

 Requirements for purchasing Lost Ark Chaos Dungeons: 

• This service is done only in piloted mode and requires account sharing;

• Your character must have level 50;

• Your character must have item level 250 or higher;

• Please have Steam Guard enabled on your account;

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