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Lost Ark is an isometric MMORPG game developed by Smilegate & Tripod Studio and published by Amazon Games. Player begins his journey on Trua, the forgotten land, where they discover the ancient prophecy deep inside the ancient city. You begin your adventure as the chosen warrior of light to find and assemble the Ark of legends, the power to create and to destroy, and protect the mysterious world of Arkesia. You will meet many new people and visit wondorous lands in your voyage, filled with mysterious stories and dangers ahead.

     Lost Ark is a game of many different activites. It has a very cinematic story quest that you can complete solo or with party of three friends, a gigantic world full of discoveries, collectibles for you to gather to obtain unique and useful rewards, profession mini games and gathering, dungeons with hordes of enemies that you can use to create builds for most efficient horde destruction, challenge powerful guardian beasts for their souls and loot, explore many unique islands with their own activities and fun, and your own island that you can decorate and build as you choose to for your convenience. And that doesn't even scratch the surface of what this game is about. Just like with any other MMORPG it can be very overwhelming at first, but Lost Ark is very fun and we sure in time you will find something that you like about the game as well.


Boosting is a process where a player with knowledge and experience of the game can complete a task for other player, either by playing for him or by carrying them through the activity with their own character. BestBoost.Club team offers many different Lost Ark boosting services that you can choose from to mitigate the amount of work this game sometimes puts you through and just enjoy it in the fullest at the maximum level. When you purchase a Lost Ark boost, depending on the service you have selected, we will either carry your character with a group of skilled players through the activity, or we will ask you to share your account in order to complete the service. We will not ask for any details besides those that will ONLY allow us to play on your character in order to complete the boost for you. After our experienced booster logs in to your account, they will play the character at specified times to complete purchased Lost Ark services for your character.

     On our website you can purchase many different Lost Ark boosts, such as: leveling of a character combat skill to the endgame level, leveling of Life Skills professions for efficient gathering of materials and resources, completion of special challenge towers for unique rewards, gathering of collection items for your inventory to obtain special rewards, completion of daily routine for your character, defeat of elite end-game boss, and many more! Even if we don't have a service displayed on our website, you can always contact our online support and ask what exactly you need, and we will try to satisfy your needs with our service!

     Who Are Our New World Boosters?

All boosters working closely with BestBoost.Club are experienced gamers who are carefully selected and known by us for almost a decade. We built relationships with said people and they get compensated for each and every order they take up to complete. They do not use any bots or 3rd party software and, if our clients ask for it, can stream their boosting process over on a live streaming service. This way, both parties are ensured to get the desired outcome from every Lost Ark boost they complete. They can complete almost any task available at the game and leave you satisfied with their work as they are done.


1) If you want a specific service, contact our online support via chat at the bottom right corner of our website. Our operators will describe to you how the service will be done and give you details about any specifics on it's completion. If case there will be any additional requirements in order to complete the purchase, we will let you know immediately. And please, discuss the time during which your Lost Ark account is free and the booster can play in order to complete the boost. All these things are important for us to finish the service the right way and leave you happy with your order.

2) When you have completed purchase of the boosting services, we will choose one of our many boosters to begin completion of the purchased services for your account. They will enter your character and begin completion of designated tasks in order to obtain levels, equipment, items or currency for your account. The boosts will be done during designated times and, in case you'll want to play the game yourself, we will reschedule the tasks at the later time, for when the account is free.

3) When the boost is done and all required tasks are finished, we will send you a message via mail, Discord or Skype about the completion of your Lost Ark services. Obtained items will be stored on your character or in the storages of different cities, and your account will be free for you to play the game whenever you wish.


Lost Ark has an abundance of activites that can be very annoying or time consuming to complete. The immediate hurdle that you need to overcome is character leveling for the end-game content. With your service you will obtain all the rewards for leveling and get right into the action. We can also maximize proficiency in selected Life Skills for gathering of materials. If you want to unlock all the collectibles we can do that too. If you are looking for a certain amount of a specific currency or some unique items, our boosters can complete some Lost Ark farming. And, even if you don't see a service on our website, you can always contact our online support and we will offer what we can do for you.


No. It is very hard to get banned in Lost Ark for being boosted by the players. So at the moment the only way to get banned in Lost Ark is by either abuse of in-game bugs, or execution of 3rd party software that gives you unfair advantage over other players, which we strictly avoid to keep your account safe.

     Are my account details safe with you?

Yes. All your account information will be handled with utmost care. The player who is going to pilot your character during the boost will only have access to your character and nothing else. After Lost Ark boost is completed, in case you no longer need our services, your account details will be discarded, and you will be free to change password at any given time for safe measure.

     Do you use bots, scripts or 3rd party software?

We do not use any bots, scripts or 3rd party software. During gameplay all services are completed by real players and are tracked by our operators at all times. In case you need any information about the current status of your order, contact them and they will be happy to answer.

     Can I choose the boosting time?

Yes. After you make a purchase, you can schedule with our operator at which time the account is free and available for boosting, and at which time you want it to be ready for you to play.

     Can I login to my account while you are boosting it?

Preferably not. It may compromise the security of your account if play location is changed too often and suddenly, as it also disturbs the booster during his work if it is done without his notice. Please, contact our operators first and make sure that booster is not playing on your account first. We will immediately inform them about the situation and free your character until further notice.
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